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how to wash a model y

14 Things You Need To Know To Wash Your Model Y

You just got your Model Y ready to give it a good wash. But wait! You need to know some things before you start. Below are 14 tips that will help you wash your Model Y correctly. Follow these tips, … Read More

Tesla Squeaky Breaks?

Tesla Has Squeaky Brakes? – Guides & Tutorials

Answer: If your Tesla has squeaky brakes its likely you’ve been relying on your regen braking system a lot. That’s good because it means your brakes don’t wear out, but it also means that after a rain or wash buildup … Read More

Water Based Paints Tesla

7 Fundamental Techniques You Can Use To Wash a Tesla

Instructions: Read this article top to bottom, one time over. The details are crucial to successfully washing your Tesla. Missed steps can lead to damage being incurred. Please read every detail in “how to wash a tesla”. Cheers to how … Read More