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Trusted By Tesla Owners
Available In All 50 States
Yes, We Come To You!

WashMyT - The #1 Tesla Car Wash
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Can WashMyT Wash My Tesla?

Absolutely. As the leading mobile Tesla car wash in the USA, WashMyT is dedicated to providing specialized care exclusively for Teslas. Our approach to car wash and detailing services is uniquely tailored to meet the specific needs of your Tesla, ensuring that every aspect of your vehicle’s maintenance is handled with expertise and precision. At WashMyT, we understand the unique bond between a Tesla owner and their car. That’s why we’re committed to offering a service that not only cleans but also preserves the distinctive elegance of your Tesla. Trust us to maintain your vehicle with the same level of care and enthusiasm that you have for it.For more information or to schedule your Tesla car wash, feel free to contact our dedicated team. Experience the difference with WashMyT, where every wash is a step towards preserving the exceptional quality of your Tesla.

How Does WashMyT Work?

We’ve designed the experience to be simple, straight forward, and most importantly leave you delighted. We work by pairing you with one of our in-network wash pros (automotive detailers). All our wash pros are 5-star rated, licensed, and insured and are the hand picked from your area. Your Wash pro will arrive on time and complete your selected wash. If it’s sunny out, our advice is you should try and park your Tesla in the shade to reduce the appearance of water spots when your car is drying. Once your wash pro finishes, they will let you know they’re done and you can have a walk-around. Make sure to take a look at the detail, you should love what you see! Next, we’ll send you a receipt, and you’ll also be able to leave a review about your wash. After you wash, it’s best practice remember to take your Tesla on a quick drive. Use the brakes a few times, click on autopilot/FSD – your Tesla should look and feel great. Once your back home, your Tesla is good to go, plug it back in! We look forward to giving you a great Tesla wash experience. If you have an ongoing subscription with us, you can always make changes to your plan here.

What Should I Expect On Wash Day?

Wash day should always be a great day. Queue the music! We’ve designed our wash for you to be simple and stress-free. Here are five easy-to-follow steps for a smooth wash day: First, park your Tesla in a spot easily accessible for your Wash pro. When it’s sunny out we also recommend parking in shade. Second, the Wash pro will arrive and let you know they’re beginning the wash. 

Third, the Wash pro will take care to spray your Tesla down, foam cannon it, and Hand wash the exterior, wheels, and tires. If you’ve ordered the Total Package, they’ll complete the interior as well. Once finished, your wash pro will notify you and you can have a walk around. You’ll be able to leave a review for your wash at this point. And lastly, If you’ve subscribed to a recurring wash, our team will contact you to schedule your subsequent washes. As always, our aim is to give your Tesla the best wash its ever had. Our team looks forward to the opportunity of working with you and your Tesla.


What Makes WashMyT the #1 Car Wash for Teslas?

Our amazing network of wash pros are meticulous and unrivaled in their craft, ensuring that your Tesla looks its absolute best after every wash. In fact, we’ve had customers tell us that their Tesla looked nicer than the day they picked it up after a WashMyT wash.

We’ve hand-selected each wash pro in our network to make it the strongest for Teslas out there. Our team knows how to properly clean your Tesla without damaging any of its unique features. You can trust us to treat your Tesla with the utmost care and attention to detail. At WashMyT, we’re committed to making a positive impact on the environment. That’s why we’ve partnered with to plant one tree per wash. By choosing WashMyT for your Tesla car wash, you’ll be helping us fulfill our mission of helping enrich our planet and its future. Don’t settle for a mediocre car wash that doesn’t take the unique needs of your Tesla into account. Choose WashMyT for a premium Tesla car wash that leaves your vehicle looking better than ever before. Book your appointment today and experience the WashMyT difference for yourself!

How Did WashMyT Begin?

When Will first got his Model Y LR in October of 2021, he figured washing his Tesla wouldn’t be difficult. But he quickly realized how complicated it actually was. From which soaps to use, to how much pressure to apply in washing both from the power washer – it was overwhelming. Will spent the next couple days reading, learning, and understanding the best ways to wash a Tesla.

Finally, knowing that Teslas used water-based paints which scratch much easier than conventional automotive paint, he began washing his Tesla using specific techniques: shampoos with a pH 7-10, angles of attack, top to bottom using gravity, horizontal wiping (no concentric forces). His neighbors were intrigued, and they also had a Tesla. They started asking him for that same wash. Will figured others might want their Tesla hand washed professionally too. That’s how WashMyT was born! Today, we’ve helped thousands of Tesla owners get their vehicles back to looking new. Whether its snow, rain, dust, ice, salt, you name it, our team has got your back in any conditions.

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