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When Will first got his Model Y, he figured washing a Tesla wouldn’t be difficult. He quickly realized how complicated it actually was. From what soaps to use, to how much pressure to apply in washing both from the power washer and hand washing perspectives – it can be overwhelmingly tedious.

Will spent days reading & watching the best ways to wash my Tesla. Finally understanding that Teslas have water-based paints and can scratch much easier than conventional ICE vehicles, he began washing his Tesla with very specific techniques. His neighbors with Teslas started asking him for that same wash. That’s how WashMyT was born! Today, we view washing your Tesla as an art, and one we take it extremely seriously. So serious in fact that we won’t wash a vehicle if it’s not a Tesla.

Will Wash My Tesla?

Absolutely! It’s what we love to do. A verified auto-detailing shop from our network will happily wash your Tesla in one of two ways: (1) Touchless or (2) Hand-Wash. Based on the level of dirtiness your Tesla has on it we may recommend a Hand-Wash. If you want your interior clean as well, we have “Total Package” that covers interior cleaning. Your Tesla requires a unique approach to its aesthetic upkeep. Wash My Tesla is the only Tesla Mobile Car Wash dedicated to that unique approach. Everything we do aims to perfect the car washing experience for your Tesla. For any inquiries please email us.