What is Tesla Car Wash Mode & How To Use It?

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Car Wash Mode

In the 2021.24.4 software update, Tesla included a brand-new and practical function called car wash mode.

How does it work? You can set your Tesla into Car Wash Mode in only three touches on the touchscreen to trigger a checklist that makes your car safe while using an automated car wash or cleaning it at home.

We’ll explain all you need to know about your Tesla’s Car Wash Mode in this article.

What the Tesla Car Wash Mode is, what it does, how to use it, and how to get the most out of it will all be covered.

How does Tesla Car Wash Mode work?

An over-the-air software update added the convenience function known as “Car Wash Mode” to Tesla’s lineup of electric cars (v2021.24.4). When washing the automobile or bringing it to an automatic car wash with a conveyor belt, Car Wash Mode essentially acts as a shortcut to bulk enable/disable certain functions of the car.

What Does Tesla’s Car Wash Mode Do?

Your Tesla’s Car Wash Mode locks the charging port, shutters all windows, turns off the windshield wipers, sentry mode, walk-away door locks, and parking sensor chimes.

You don’t need to access the corresponding settings individually since Screen Clean Mode and Fold Mirrors are two additional buttons that show on the Car Wash Mode screen. a nice finishing touch

The Enable Free Roll option in the Car Wash Mode also places the vehicle into Neutral and is useful for automated car washes that use conveyor belts. This stops the parking brake from deploying itself when you depart.

Here is an overview of what the Tesla carwash mode does:

  1. Shut the windows.
  2. Secure the charging port
  3. Shut the trunk (if your car is equipped with an automated trunk)
  4. the condition of the trunk and the frank (front trunk)
  5. Activate the wipers manually.
  6. Disable Sentry Mode
  7. Turn off the walk-away door locking
  8. Remove the parking assistance chimes
  9. Display climate control status (off or recirculating)
Tesla Car Wash Mode

How Do I Turn On Tesla’s Car Wash Mode?

The actions listed below will put your Tesla in car wash mode:

Pre-requisite. You must have your Tesla in park.

Step 1: Navigate to Controls > Service > Car Wash Mode on your Tesla touchscreen.

Step 2: Tap “Enter Car Wash Mode” on the alert window.

That’s it, doing so will activate the car wash mode and display the progress of each task on the list.

Sentry Mode, turning off the park assist chimes, and locking the windows and charging port are a few of the things that will be done for you automatically. Additionally, information on folding mirrors, the state of the frunk, and other items will only be shown for your assessment and action.

For instance, if your Model 3 is older than 2020, it won’t automatically shut the (manual) trunk for you, but it will let you know if it is open so you can be sure to do so before you take it to the car wash.

You wouldn’t want water to flow into your trunk, would you?

How Can Free Roll Be Enabled In Car Wash Mode?

It is no longer necessary to manually place your Tesla in Neutral at a vehicle wash thanks to a function included in the car wash mode. It may be completed as a step in the washing checklist.

You may utilize the Activate Free Roll button to (well) enable free roll and put your vehicle in neutral to easily navigate an automated car wash when car wash mode is on.

The Enable Free Roll button is by default grayed out. Press the brake and put your automobile in Drive mode to activate it. Tap the button when it becomes visible. When activated, the button will become blue.

How can I turn off the car wash mode?

Your Tesla’s car wash option may be disabled in one of two ways.

Option #1: Press the “Exit Car Wash Mode” button to have your car leave the wash mode instantly.

Option #2: Continue to drive normally; the wash mode will turn off when the speed of the car reaches 10 mph.

The Benefits of Car Wash Mode

Every time you wash your Tesla, time is saved by having a special mode that allows you to make all these adjustments at once by pressing a single button.

A reminder of what to do (or not do) when it’s time to give your vehicle a wash is also provided by having a checklist right there on your screen.

Additionally, there is one less item to worry about. Alternately, forget. (If like me, you!)

Although it may seem little, if you own a Tesla and often wash your vehicle, this function will save you time and effort.

You may argue that this tool offers nothing new since you could easily make all of these adjustments on your own. And you wouldn’t be mistaken if you said that. It might be done by you.

The distinction is in the number of taps required and the variety of screens you must visit.

Are all Tesla models equipped with the Car Wash Mode?

Yes, car wash mode is available on every Tesla Model, including the Model S, Model 3, new Model X, and Model Y, with the exception of the older Model S and X, for which it is only offered on the revised 2021+ version.

Only the Tesla Model 3 and Y were originally equipped with the car wash mode option. Later, it was also made available for the Model S and X redesigns.

The car wash mode disables Sentry Mode, so your vehicle won’t record any possible vandalism, which is something else you should be aware of. Therefore, be aware of this and take the necessary precautions if you plan to leave your Tesla alone for a car wash.

Final Reflections about Car Wash Mode

Another little convenience that makes owning a Tesla even more convenient is Tesla Car Wash Mode.

It’s like having a handy checklist of everything you need to do (or turn off) before cleaning your Tesla manually or putting it through an automated car wash.

I hope this information was useful to you.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have concerning Tesla’s Car Wash Mode in the comments section below or on Twitter.

Do you use this function on your Tesla?