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The Premier Mobile Tesla Car Wash

The Premier Mobile Tesla Car Wash

Trusted By Tesla Owners
Rated #1 Tesla Car Wash in USA
Yes, We Come To You!

WashMyT Tesla Car Wash

Trusted By Tesla Owners
#1 Tesla Car Wash in USA
Yes, We Come To You!


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Can You Wash My Tesla For Me?

Yes, we can absolutely wash your Tesla for you. Everything about our washes are centered towards your Tesla. With WashMyT, you’ll get a verified mobile wash pro from our network that will happily wash your Tesla. We have two simple options for you to choose from: (1) Exterior only or (2) Exterior and Interior.  Need your interior cleaned? We have the “Total Package+,” which covers interior cleaning with an interior wipe down and vacuum. Your Tesla requires a unique approach to its aesthetic upkeep. Everything we do aims to perfect that experience, and deliver the best wash for your Tesla possible. For any inquiries please email our team. We’ll be happy to help! 

How Does WashMyT Work?

WashMyT is the #1 Tesla car wash in the USA. We’ve designed WashMyT to be the easiest & most delightful car wash for a Tesla. We work by pairing you with one of our in-network wash pros. All our wash pros are 5-star rated, licensed, and insured. Your Wash pro will arrive on time and complete your selected wash. If it’s sunny out, you should try and park your Tesla in the shade to reduce the appearance of water spots when your car is drying.
Once your pro finishes, they will let you know they’re done and you can have a walk-around. Take a look at the detail, you should love what you see. We’ll send you a receipt, and you’ll also be able to leave a review at the end of the process. We aim to give you a 5 star experience every wash. *Pro Tip: remember to take your Tesla for a drive within 2 hours after; use the brakes aggressively a few times to keep from getting squeaky brakes on your Tesla. We look forward to giving you the best car wash experience you’ve had yet. If you have an ongoing subscription with us, you can always make changes to it here.

What Should I Expect On Wash Day?

Wash day should always be a great day. Period. Our aim is to give you a great experience on Wash day. Quite possibly, the best wash you’ve had. We’ve designed our wash for you to be simple and stress-free. If you’d like a super great wash day, here are five easy-to-follow steps: Firstly, park your Tesla in a spot easily accessible for your Wash pro. Secondly, the Wash pro will arrive promptly, and let you know they’ve arrived before they begin. Your Tesla is in great hands and will get the selected wash you purchased. 

Thirdly, the Wash pro will take care to spray your Tesla down, foam cannon it, and Hand wash the exterior, wheels, and tires. And if you ordered interior cleaning, they’ll complete that as well. Fourthly, once your Wash pro is done, they’ll notify you and you can have a walk around. At the end of the experience, you’ll be able to leave a review for your wash. And lastly, If you’ve subscribed to a recurring wash our team will contact you to schedule subsequent washes.

What Makes WashMyT the #1 Tesla Car Wash?

As a Tesla owner, you know how different your vehicle is. From its water based paints, to its self driving cameras; the deep door jams, to its frunk and other storage areas. But your Tesla was designed differently than conventional vehicles, and for good reason. We’ve designed our entire car wash process around the needs of your Tesla. Some owners know the exact treatment their Tesla needs, others don’t – either way, we aim to give you that same great treatment our customers have come to know and love.
In testimonials, we’ve had owners tell us their Tesla looks nicer than the day they picked their vehicle up. Our close attention to detail, paired with an unrivaled wash regimen make WashMyT the best car wash for Teslas. In addition, WashMyT has partnered with OneTreePlanted.org to plant one tree in North America per wash we complete, so you’ll be helping to plant trees in many regions across the United States, including California, Florida and Oregon. Book a wash with us today to see for yourself how different, and delightful a car wash can really be. 

How Did WashMyT Begin?

When William first got his Model Y LR in October of 2021, he figured washing his Tesla wouldn’t be difficult. But he quickly realized how complicated it actually was. From which soaps to use, to how much pressure to apply in washing both from the power washer and hand washing perspectives – it was overwhelming to say the least. Will spent his next couple days reading & watching the best ways to how to wash a Tesla

Finally, understanding that Teslas use water-based paints which can scratch much easier than conventional ICE vehicles, he began washing his Tesla using very specific techniques: using specific shampoos, angles of attack, top to bottom, left to right wiping. His neighbors were so impressed, they started asking him for that same wash. That’s how WashMyT was born! Today, we view washing a Tesla as an art, and one we take very seriously. Your Tesla is in fantastic hands, and we look forward to getting your Tesla back to looking fresh and clean. Ready? Book your Tesla car wash here.